Tree work can be carried out at any time of year, but there are often optimal seasons for different tasks such as pruning and planting. At Avid Arboriculture we aim to use the best arboricultural practices to get the best results; to this end we advise our clients to plan tree work for appropriate times of year. 

Winter (Dec-Feb)

Winter is the best season for planting as it is a time of low water stress; any type of tree stock can be planted during the winter months. It is  also a good time for tree removal as birds have generally stopped nesting; conifers in particular are popular with nesting birds.

Finally, though summer is the best season for pruning most trees some types of tree are best pruned during the winter months.

Spring (Mar-May)

Once winter has passed, pruning is best left until late spring when trees have fully risen from dormancy or torpor. Many types of tree can be pruned in late spring. Container-grown tree stock can also be planted.

Summer (Jun-Aug)

Mid to late summer is an optimal time for pruning many types of tree; it is also the best season for pruning stone fruits. In addition it is the main season for removing Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) nests from oak trees. Planting should be avoided due to hot / dry conditions.

Autumn (Sep-Nov)

Autumn produces slightly damper conditions so can be used for planting container-grown trees. It is generally not a good time for tree pruning, though some conifers suitable for late summer pruning may be reasonably pruned in the early autumn.