Tree pruning and hedge trimming

At Avid Arboriculture we offer a range of traditional tree surgery services including the pruning, trimming and removal of trees, shrubs and hedges. Whether you are looking to achieve more light, space, flower or fruit in your garden, or are concerned about certain aspects of a tree’s safety we will be able and happy to help.

If you already have a clear idea of what you want, no problem; we can pop along and provide a free no-obligation quote for carrying out the work. If you’re unsure and would like guidance then we always aim to provide our clients with sound arboricultural advice to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Our tree pruning specifications and work are written and supervised by qualified arborists, and we are amply insured against the unlikely event of mistakes and accidents, so you can be confident that you are getting an effective and reliable service.

In addition to traditional tree pruning services, we also offer oak processionary moth (OPM) nest removal. OPM is a relatively new pest found on oak trees, and can often become a health hazard if left unattended for too long. More information on OPM can be found here.

Pruning: what we do...

All our tree work is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of British Standard 3998 where appropriate.

If the service you want is not listed here, please get in touch and we’ll see whether we can help you.

Planting and aftercare

At Avid Arboriculture we provide a range of tree planting services that can help you avoid many of the common pitfalls of selecting and establishing a new tree.

A tree’s early years are its most important; selecting and establishing a tree properly will set it on the path to success, whereas taking the wrong decisions can be costly in terms of lost time and money.

From species selection and nursery stock selection, to high quality planting and aftercare services guided by the recommendations of British Standards for tree work, we can provide our clients with an affordable and bespoke service that helps them achieve the best results possible whilst reducing maintenance costs over the lifetime of the tree.

Planting: what we do...

Our selection, planting and aftercare services are guided by the recommendations of British Standards 3998, 8545 and 3936.

Tree surveys and inspections

At Avid Arboriculture we offer a variety of surveying, inspection and assessment services to help you better understand and care for your trees. These services provide management recommendations that, when applied, can often lead to cost reductions for tree owners over the longer term by reducing the need for costly pruning or removal services.

For individual trees we offer assessment and inspection services that can shed light on health or structural problems that may be present. For sites with a substantial tree stock, complete tree surveys can help with long-term financial planning and risk management for estate owners and managers, and often incorporate tree inspections and assessments of certain trees to achieve this aim.

Tree assessments

A tree that is declining or struggling to grow, whether a newly planted whip or age-old veteran, can often be helped by evaluation of site conditions and the condition of the tree itself. Our tree assessment service does just this, providing management recommendations based on diagnosis of observable problems such as soil condition or the presence of pests and diseases. Tree assessment can provide simple ways to improve the health of your trees, which in turn often reduces the need for maintenance pruning or removal over the longer term.


Tree inspections

Trees may develop structural problems over the course of their life that can lead to all or part of the tree failing. Not only does this pose a hazard to anything underneath the tree, but even partial failure can often be catastrophic for tree health and necessitate removal of the tree. Our tree inspection service provides an examination of the whole tree structure, including significant features higher in the crown, to deliver work and management recommendations that address potential points of failure before they can occur.

The service is useful for owners of trees that have obvious defects such as cavities in the trunk or major branches, trees that are older and at greater risk of structural failure, or trees that by virtue of their size and location present considerable hazards to life and property.

Tree surveys

Tree surveys can be helpful if you have a large number of trees to manage. At Avid Arboriculture we provide surveying services that help you to understand the current condition of your trees and how to manage them most effectively over time. From avoiding potential problems such as property damage and hazardous tree structures, to reducing long-term management costs, improving tree aesthetics or improving statutory compliance, tree surveys can deliver a variety of benefits to estate owners and managers.

If you are considering whether your trees require maintenance then tree surveys can be invaluable at clarifying what really needs to be done and how to prioritise your spending. To find out more about what our tree surveying service can deliver for you then please get in touch.

Surveys and inspections: what we do...

In the near future we will be offering arboricultural services in relation to construction and design such as BS 5837 tree surveys, arboricultural method statements and arboricultural impact assessments.

For more information on what our surveying and inspection services can deliver for you, please get in touch.